Giannalberto Bendazzi brings to light some of the lost relics of animation history with his new book, Twice the First: Quirino Cristiani and the Animated Feature Film. Unlike other works, however, Bendazzi focuses on the growth of animation in non-western countries. This book particularly emphasizes the contributions of Quirino Cristiani and how his work influenced other animators. Bendazzi provides in-depth coverage about Cristiani’s life, both professionally and personally. Twice the First takes the reader on an exciting journey through the historical development of animation through the eyes of Quirino Cristiani.


Key Features

  • A look back at the modest beginnings of feature film animation.
  • An exciting account of some facts never before revealed in the history and development of animated film
  • Among the fascinating information the reader can learn from this book, is that not all the action in cinematography took place in North America and Western Europe
  • This book provides an important service in documenting the early period of animation and filling in the gaps in the history of the development of animation.
  • chapter 1|6 pages

    Who and When

    chapter 2|5 pages

    From Santa Giuletta to Buenos Aires

    chapter 3|4 pages

    The First Years in Argentina

    chapter 5|7 pages

    Taborda, Cristiani, and El Apóstol

    chapter 7|4 pages

    The Cristiani Family

    chapter 8|4 pages

    Sin Dejar Rastro

    chapter 9|5 pages

    Early Animation and the Feature Film

    chapter 10|6 pages

    Federico Valle

    chapter 12|4 pages

    Cristiani in Advertising

    chapter 15|8 pages

    Cristiani as an Entrepreneur

    chapter 17|13 pages

    El mono relojero on the Screen

    chapter 19|7 pages

    Cristiani’s Legacy