This book covers random signals and random processes along with estimation of probability density function, estimation of energy spectral density and power spectral density. The properties of random processes and signal modelling are discussed with basic communication theory estimation and detection. MATLAB simulations are included for each concept with output of the program with case studies and project ideas. The chapters progressively introduce and explain the concepts of random signals and cover multiple applications for signal processing.

The book is designed to cater to a wide audience starting from the undergraduates (electronics, electrical, instrumentation, computer, and telecommunication engineering) to the researchers working in the pertinent fields.

Key Features:

• Aimed at random signal processing with parametric signal processing-using appropriate segment size.

• Covers speech, image, medical images, EEG and ECG signal processing.

• Reviews optimal detection and estimation.

• Discusses parametric modeling and signal processing in transform domain.

• Includes MATLAB codes and relevant exercises, case studies and solved examples including multiple choice questions

chapter 1|51 pages

Introduction to Random Signals

chapter 2|41 pages

Properties of Random Variables

chapter 4|26 pages

Detection and Estimation

chapter 5|83 pages

Fundamentals of Speech Processing

chapter 6|48 pages

Spectral Estimation of Random Signals

chapter 7|27 pages

Statistical Speech Processing

chapter 8|51 pages

Transform Domain Speech Processing

chapter 9|49 pages

Image Processing Techniques

chapter 10|16 pages

Applications of Random Signal Processing