Discrete Mathematics and Applications, Second Edition is intended for a one-semester course in discrete mathematics. Such a course is typically taken by mathematics, mathematics education, and computer science majors, usually in their sophomore year. Calculus is not a prerequisite to use this book.

Part one focuses on how to write proofs, then moves on to topics in number theory, employing set theory in the process. Part two focuses on computations, combinatorics, graph theory, trees, and algorithms.

  • Emphasizes proofs, which will appeal to a subset of this course market
  • Links examples to exercise sets
  • Offers edition that has been heavily reviewed and developed
  • Focuses on graph theory
  • Covers trees and algorithms


part I|373 pages


chapter 1|75 pages

Logic and Sets

chapter 2|41 pages

Basic Proof Writing

chapter 3|82 pages

Elementary Number Theory

chapter 4|69 pages

Indexed by Integers

chapter 5|101 pages


part II|398 pages


chapter 6|78 pages

Basic Counting

chapter 7|64 pages

More Counting

chapter 8|98 pages

Basic Graph Theory

chapter 9|74 pages

Graph Properties

chapter 10|82 pages

Trees and Algorithms