Natural attenuation has become an effective and low-cost alternative to more expensive engineered remediation. This new edition updates the principles and fundamentals of natural attenuation of contaminants with a broader view of the field. It includes new methods for evaluating natural attenuation mechanisms and microbial activity at the lab and field scales. Case studies, actual treatments and protocols, theoretical processes, case studies, numerical models, and legal aspects in the natural attenuation of organic and inorganic contaminants are examined. Challenges and future directions for the implementation of natural attenuation and enhanced remediation techniques are also considered.

chapter 1|21 pages

Managing Soil Contamination

chapter 2|26 pages

Nature of Soils

chapter 3|40 pages

Soil-Water Relations

chapter 4|52 pages

Natural Attenuation of Heavy Metals

chapter 6|32 pages

Biological Transformation of Contaminants

chapter 7|49 pages

Field Performance and Assessments

chapter 9|18 pages

Monitored Natural Attenuation Enhancements