Creating a Greater Whole unlocks the not-so-secret secrets of what aspiring managers need to become strong leaders. This information-rich, easy to understand guide offers readers an immediate clear path to honing their leadership skills using the rigor and discipline of project management principles. Topics include stakeholder management, collaborative communication, multi-criteria decision making, and conflict management. Reflective exercises in each chapter raise key questions for readers to craft their own development path. The process invites emerging leaders to draw from their past experiences, recognize their intrinsic capabilities, and identify specific skills to cultivate.

chapter 1|17 pages

What Is Leadership?

chapter 2|17 pages

Aligning Teams and Steering the Journey

chapter 4|21 pages

Building on Strengths

chapter 5|17 pages

Focus and Motivation

chapter 6|26 pages

Growth Fueled by Uncertainty

chapter 7|20 pages

Super Powers for Leaders

chapter 8|23 pages

Conflict and Conversation

chapter 9|23 pages

Leaders Are Human Too