Business Process Modeling, Simulation and Design, Third Edition provides students with a comprehensive coverage of a range of analytical tools used to model, analyze, understand, and ultimately design business processes.

The new edition of this very successful textbook includes a wide range of approaches such as graphical flowcharting tools, cycle time and capacity analyses, queuing models, discrete-event simulation, simulation-optimization, and data mining for process analytics.

While most textbooks on business process management either focus on the intricacies of computer simulation or managerial aspects of business processes, this textbook does both. It presents the tools to design business processes and management techniques on operating them efficiently.

The book focuses on the use of discrete event simulation as the main tool for analyzing, modeling, and designing effective business processes. The integration of graphic user-friendly simulation software enables a systematic approach to create optimal designs.

chapter 1|26 pages

Introduction to Business Process Design

chapter 4|40 pages

Basic Tools for Process Design

chapter 5|36 pages

Managing Process Flows

chapter 6|70 pages

Introduction to Queuing Modeling

chapter 7|36 pages

Introduction to Simulation

chapter 9|80 pages

Input and Output Data Analysis

chapter 10|34 pages

Optimizing Business Process Performance

chapter 11|42 pages

Business Process Analytics

chapter |1 pages