The book is about a very active research field in software engineering. In modern society, the fact of the world's high reliance on software requires the system's robustness, i.e., continual availability and satisfactory service quality. This requirement gives rise to the popularity of the research on the self-adaptive software in open environment. There are some academic conferences dedicated to this field. But there is a lack of monographs about the topic. We believe such need is unmet in marketplace. By publishing the book, it can help bridge the gap and bring benefits to readers thereof.

Key Features:

  • The topic is well-motivated, interesting and actively studied worldwide

  • The research represents as the state-of-the-art in the field

  • The technical part of the book is rigidly evaluated

  • The theoretical part of the book is sound and proved

  • The organization and presentation of the book will be double-checked by professional scholars

part I|2 pages

Basics and Framework

chapter 1|24 pages


chapter 2|20 pages

Adaptation Framework

chapter 3|16 pages

Context Modeling

chapter 4|24 pages

Implementation and Case Study

part II|2 pages

Adaptive Migration, Service Discovery, and Interaction

chapter 5|26 pages

Adaptive Component Migration

part III|2 pages

Formal Modeling and Analysis