Stone's Plastic Surgery Facts 4e provides a complete revision tool for the FRCS exit examination in plastic surgery. Written in the form of notes and lists, the full range of plastic surgery topics is covered as follows, wound care, burns, head & neck, cleft lip and palate and craniofacial anomalies, breast, hand and upper limb, lower limb, skin and soft tissue tumours, genitourinary and trunk, aesthetic and general plastic surgery. Updated article summaries and a review section in each chapter highlight important points and explain common misconceptions. A vital resource for the surgical trainee.

chapter 1|33 pages

Wound care

chapter 2|37 pages


chapter 3|87 pages

Head and neck

chapter 4|39 pages

Clefts and craniofacial

chapter 5|42 pages


chapter 6|95 pages


chapter 7|18 pages

Lower limb

chapter 8|58 pages

Skin and soft tissue

chapter 9|18 pages

Genitourinary and trunk

chapter 10|45 pages


chapter 11|26 pages

General plastic