Equivalence: Elizabeth L. Scott at Berkeley is the compelling story of one pioneering statistician’s relentless twenty-year effort to promote the status of women in academe and science. Part biography and part microhistory, the book provides the context and background to understand Scott’s masterfulness at using statistics to help solve societal problems. In addition to being one of the first researchers to work at the interface of astronomy and statistics and an early practitioner of statistics using high-speed computers, Scott worked on an impressively broad range of questions in science, from whether cloud seeding actually works to whether ozone depletion causes skin cancer. Later in her career, Scott became swept up in the academic women’s movement. She used her well-developed scientific research skills together with the advocacy skills she had honed, in such activities as raising funds for Martin Luther King Jr. and keeping Free Speech Movement students out of jail, toward policy making that would improve the condition of the academic workforce for women. The book invites the reader into Scott’s universe, a window of inspiration made possible by the fact that she saved and dated every piece of paper that came across her desk.

part I|15 pages

The Betty Book

chapter 1|13 pages

Caught in the Thick of It (1968)

part II|75 pages

Shaping the Life

chapter 2|11 pages

Boots and Saddles (Before 1932)

chapter 3|13 pages

Aunt Phoebe’s Telescope (1882–1967)

chapter 4|13 pages

Becoming an Outlier (1932–1939)

chapter 6|19 pages

A Rising Star (1947–1954)

part III|114 pages

Clusters of Impact

chapter 7|17 pages

Championing Science (1939–1988)

chapter 8|13 pages

The Case of Cloud Seeding (1950–1985)

chapter 9|15 pages

Almost Alone in Statistics (1955–1988)

chapter 10|15 pages

Students and Memories (1948–1988)

chapter 11|32 pages

Letters to Jerry (1954–1955)

part IV|55 pages

The Status of Academic Women at Berkeley

part V|57 pages

Getting on the Agenda

chapter 17|11 pages

A Tiny Beginning (June – July 1970)

chapter 19|15 pages

We Intend to Do (January – March 1971)

chapter 20|11 pages

A Little Fire (April– May 1971)

part VI|60 pages

Affirmative Action

part VII|65 pages

Salary Equity Studies

part VIII|85 pages

AAUP Higher Education Salary Evaluation Kit

chapter 30|14 pages

High Stakes (1975)

chapter 31|15 pages

Developing the Kit (1976)

chapter 32|9 pages

Completing the Kit (1977)

chapter 33|21 pages

Influencing Salaries (1978)

part IX|28 pages


chapter 34|26 pages

Final Decade of Leadership (1979–1988)