Modern engineering systems are complex and multi-faceted, and must be flexible, adaptable, and fully integrated with the supply chain and other stakeholders to deliver an effective level of performance. Therefore, this book aims to create an operational view and new understanding of modern system design, commissioning, operation, services and support. It includes system of systems modelling and analysis techniques essential to develop whole of system in view of essential requirements. This book will address professional engineers/operations managers required to design, develop, implement and operate a complex socio-technical system containing many engineering systems.

Key Features

• Develops a holistic view of system of systems from all possible fields of interest

• Introduces the idea of system configurability to understand system of systems in parallel with the typical, classical concepts of engineering systems design

• Offers effective coverage of both the engineering aspects and operational aspects of systems of systems

• Focuses on pragmatic viewpoints on how to analyze system of systems

• Provides practical tools and methods for the readers to develop competence to configure and operate system of systems

part 11|2 pages

Systems Thinking

chapter 1|12 pages

Foundation of Systems Thinking

chapter 2|24 pages

Defining System Architecture

chapter 4|16 pages

Modeling of Socio-Technical Systems

part 732|2 pages

Network-Centric Operations and Matters of Context

chapter 5|14 pages

Infrastructure Network Applications

chapter 6|18 pages

Network-Centric Operations

chapter 7|18 pages

Social Networks and Creative Collaboration

chapter 9|9 pages


part 1513|3 pages

Organizing in Business Networks

chapter 10|22 pages

Virtual Enterprise Collaboration Concepts

chapter 11|17 pages

Markets and Service Ecosystems

chapter 12|20 pages

Business Models Making Operational Sense

chapter 13|14 pages

Innovation in Ecosystems

part 2274|2 pages

System Operation and Configuration Management

chapter 14|17 pages

Capability and Performance Assessment

chapter 15|11 pages

Managing System Models