Laboratory Techniques in Plant Bacteriology is ideal for scientists and students who seek a career in plant pathogenic bacteria. This book contains 41 chapters comprising practicable techniques from isolation of bacterial plant pathogens to their identification up to species and race/biotype level. It includes identification protocols of morphological, biochemical, immunological, and molecular-based techniques.

This book comprises all technological aspects of plant bacteriological studies. Its content is ideal for graduate students and research scholars including bacteriological professionals or technicians. The book ultimately provides working technologies useful for controlling bacterial disease pathogens.

chapter 1|13 pages

Laboratory Ethics in Plant Bacteriology Laboratory

Instruments and General Guidelines

chapter 3|5 pages

Histopathology of Bacterial Infection

chapter 4|3 pages


chapter 6|4 pages

Isolation of Bacterial Plant Pathogens

chapter 14|2 pages

Bacterial Mobility

chapter 15|2 pages

Describing Bacterial Colony Morphology

chapter 23|13 pages

Isolation of Bacterial Metabolites

chapter 25|3 pages

Enumeration of Bacterial Population

chapter 29|3 pages

Determination of Plant Resistance

chapter 37|2 pages

Preservation of Bacterial Disease Samples

chapter 38|5 pages

Measurement of Plant Bacterial Disease

chapter 39|7 pages

Isolation of Antibacterial Compound

chapter 40|3 pages

Isolation of Antibacterial Microbes

chapter 41|2 pages

Preparation of Bactericidal Formulations