"Offers and up-to-date assessment of the entire field of diffraction gratings, including history, physics, manufacture, testing, and instrument design. Furnishes--for the first time in a single-source reference--a thorough review of efficiency behavior, examining echelles as well as concave, binary, transmission, fiber, and waveguide gratings."

chapter 1|24 pages

A Brief History of Spectral Analysis

chapter 2|32 pages

Fundamental Properties of Gratings

chapter 3|14 pages

The Types of Diffraction Gratings

chapter 5|42 pages

Transmission Gratings

chapter 6|62 pages

Echelle Gratings

chapter 7|32 pages

Concave Gratings

chapter 8|38 pages

Surface Waves and Grating Anomalies

chapter 11|36 pages

Testing of Gratings

chapter 12|44 pages

Instrumental Systems

chapter 13|14 pages

Grating Damage and Control

chapter 14|36 pages

Mechanical Ruling of Gratings

chapter 15|24 pages

Holographic Gratings Recording

chapter 16|22 pages

Alternative Methods of Gratings Manufacture

chapter 17|12 pages

Replication of Gratings