Efficient mobile systems that allow for vital sign monitoring and disease diagnosis at the point of care can help combat issues such as rising healthcare costs, treatment delays in remote and resource-poor areas, and the global shortage of skilled medical personnel.

Covering everything from sensors, systems, and software to integration, usability, and regulatory challenges, Mobile Point-of-Care Monitors and Diagnostic Device Design offers valuable insight into state-of-the-art technologies, research, and methods for designing personal diagnostic and ambulatory healthcare devices. Presenting the combined expertise of contributors from various fields, this multidisciplinary text:

  • Gives an overview of the latest mobile health and point-of-care technologies
  • Discusses portable diagnostics devices and sensors, including mobile-phone-based health systems
  • Explores lab-on-chip systems as well as energy-efficient solutions for mobile point-of-care monitors
  • Addresses computer vision and signal processing for real-time diagnostics
  • Considers interface design for lay healthcare providers and home users

Mobile Point-of-Care Monitors and Diagnostic Device Design provides important background information about the design process of mobile health and point-of-care devices, using practical examples to illustrate key aspects related to instrumentation, information processing, and implementation.