Photonics Modeling and Design delivers a concise introduction to the modeling and design of photonic devices. Assuming a general knowledge of photonics and the operating principles of fibre and semiconductor lasers, this book:

  • Describes the analysis of the light propagation in dielectric media
  • Discusses heat diffusion and carrier transport
  • Applies the presented theory to develop fibre and semiconductor laser models
  • Addresses the propagation of short optical pulses in optical fibres
  • Puts all modeling into practical context with examples of devices currently in development or on the market

Providing hands-on guidance in the form of MATLAB® scripts, tips, and other downloadable content, Photonics Modeling and Design is written for students and professionals interested in modeling photonic devices either for gaining a deeper understanding of the operation or to optimize the design.

chapter 1|10 pages


chapter 2|44 pages

Light Propagation in Homogenous Media

chapter 3|76 pages

Optical Waveguides

chapter 4|62 pages

Beam Propagation Method

chapter 5|44 pages

Thermal Modelling of Photonic Devices

chapter 7|48 pages

Fibre Amplifiers and Lasers

chapter 8|50 pages

Laser Diode Modelling

chapter 9|18 pages

Pulse Propagation in Optical Fibres