To help readers understand virtualization and cloud computing, this book is designed to cover the theories and concepts enough to understand the cutting-edge technology. Meanwhile, in this book, the reader can gain hands-on skills on VMware Cloud Suite to create a private cloud. With the academic support from VMware, readers can use the VMware supported software to create various virtualized IT infrastructures sophisticated enough for various sized enterprises. Then, the virtualized IT infrastructure can be made available to an enterprise through the private cloud services.

chapter 1|20 pages

Introduction to Cloud Computing

chapter 3|28 pages

ESXi Installation and Configuration

chapter 4|30 pages

vCenter Installation and Configuration

chapter 5|40 pages

Virtual Networks

chapter 6|46 pages

Network Shared Storage

chapter 7|40 pages

Virtual Machines, Templates, and vApps

chapter 8|36 pages

High Availability and Resource Balancing

chapter 9|40 pages

Managing vSphere Security

chapter 10|28 pages

vCloud Networking and Security

chapter 11|50 pages

vCloud Director