This book deals with complex fluid characterization of oil and gas reservoirs, emphasizing the importance of PVT parameters for practical application in reservoir simulation and management. It covers modeling of PVT parameters, QA/QC of PVT data from lab studies, EOS modeling, PVT simulation and compositional grading and variation. It describes generation of data for reservoir engineering calculations in view of limited and unreliable data and techniques like downhole fluid analysis and photophysics of reservoir fluids. It discusses behavior of unconventional reservoirs, particularly for difficult resources like shale gas, shale oil, coalbed methane, reservoirs, heavy and extra heavy oils.

chapter 1|57 pages

Reservoir Fluid Properties

chapter 4|14 pages

Planning of Laboratory Studies

chapter 6|16 pages

Special Characterization for EOR Processes

chapter 10|41 pages

Flow Assurance in EOR Design and Operation 1

chapter 11|16 pages

EOS and PVT Simulations