Classical Charged Particle Beam Optics used in the design and operation of all present-day charged particle beam devices, from low energy electron microscopes to high energy particle accelerators, is entirely based on classical mechanics. A question of curiosity is: How is classical charged particle beam optics so successful in practice though the particles of the beam, like electrons, are quantum mechanical? Quantum Mechanics of Charged Particle Beam Optics answers this question with a comprehensive formulation of ‘Quantum Charged Particle Beam Optics’ applicable to any charged particle beam device.

chapter 1|8 pages


chapter 3|132 pages

An Introductory Review of Quantum Mechanics

chapter 5|74 pages

Quantum Charged Particle Beam Optics

Scalar Theory for Spin—0 and Spinless Particles

chapter 6|48 pages

Quantum Charged Particle Beam Optics

Spinor Theory for Spin- 1 2 Particles