Structural Mechanics Fundamentals gives you a complete and uniform treatment of the most fundamental and essential topics in structural mechanics. Presenting a traditional subject in an updated and modernized way, it merges classical topics with ones that have taken shape in more recent times, such as duality. This book is extensively based on the introductory chapters to the author’s Structural Mechanics: A Unified Approach.

Coverage includes:

  • The basic topics of geometry of areas and of kinematics and statics of rigid body systems
  • The mechanics of linear elastic solids—beams, plates, and three-dimensional solids—examined using a matrix approach
  • The analysis of strain and stress around a material point
  • The linear elastic constitutive law, with related Clapeyron’s and Betti’s theorems
  • Kinematic, static, and constitutive equations
  • The implication of the principle of virtual work
  • The Saint Venant problem
  • The theory of beam systems—statically determinate or indeterminate
  • Methods of forces and energy for the examination of indeterminate beam systems

The book draws on the author’s many years of teaching experience and features a wealth of illustrations and worked examples to help explain the topics clearly yet rigorously. The book can be used as a text for senior undergraduate or graduate students in structural engineering or architecture and as a valuable reference for researchers and practicing engineers.

chapter 2|32 pages

Geometry of areas

chapter 4|30 pages

Determination of constraint reactions

chapter 5|34 pages

Internal beam reactions

chapter 6|32 pages

Statically determinate beam systems

chapter 7|28 pages

Analysis of strain and stress

chapter 8|38 pages

Theory of elasticity

chapter 9|56 pages

Saint Venant problem

chapter 10|52 pages

Beams and plates in flexure