The practice of engineering noise control demands a solid understanding of the fundamentals of acoustics, the practical application of current noise control technology and the underlying theoretical concepts. This fully revised and updated fourth edition provides a comprehensive explanation of these key areas clearly, yet without oversimplification. Written by experts in their field, the practical focus echoes advances in the discipline, reflected in the fourth edition’s new material, including:

  • completely updated coverage of sound transmission loss, mufflers and exhaust stack directivity
  • a new chapter on practical numerical acoustics
  • thorough explanation of the latest instruments for measurements and analysis.

Essential reading for advanced students or those already well versed in the art and science of noise control, this distinctive text can be used to solve real world problems encountered by noise and vibration consultants as well as engineers and occupational hygienists.

chapter 1|55 pages

Fundamentals and Basic Terminology

chapter 2|38 pages

The Human Ear

chapter 4|49 pages


chapter 6|28 pages

Sound Power, Its Use and Measurement

chapter 7|65 pages

Sound In Enclosed Spaces

chapter 8|79 pages

Partitions, Enclosures and Barriers

chapter 9|82 pages

Muffling Devices

chapter 10|42 pages

Vibration Control

chapter 12|41 pages

Practical Numerical Acoustics