This new edition of John Illingworth's popular book provides a thorough introduction to the selection of construction methods, their planning and organization on site. Thoroughly revised and updated, Construction Methods and Planning takes a practical, down-to-earth approach and features numerous examples and illustrations taken from real situations and sites. In Part One, the main factors which determine the planning of construction methods - site inspections, the site itself, temporary works, design, cost concepts and selection of plant and methods - are discussed. In Part Two, the application of these tools is presented, covering foundations and basements, in situ and precast concrete structures, steel frames, cladding, internal and external works, waste, methods statements, contract planning control and claims. The author provides an extension of the concept of 'buildability' and new chapters on facade retention and the refurbishment of domestic accommodation.

part |2 pages

PART ONE: Factors Affecting Construction Method Assessment

chapter |1 pages


chapter |1 pages

To plan, planning

chapter |1 pages

The construction process

chapter |1 pages

Construction planning

chapter |1 pages

The construction planner

chapter |1 pages

The role of planning in claims

chapter 1|6 pages

Site inspections

chapter 7|42 pages

Selection of plant and methods

part |2 pages

PART TWO: Establishing Methods and their Planning Control

chapter |1 pages


chapter |1 pages

Time/cost solutions

chapter 8|12 pages

Non-piled foundations

chapter 9|18 pages

Piled foundations Types of piling

chapter 10|10 pages

Deep basements

chapter 11|22 pages

In-situ concrete structures

chapter 12|32 pages

Pre-cast concrete structures

chapter 13|14 pages

Steel structures

chapter 15|12 pages

External works

chapter 16|18 pages

Waste in the construction process

chapter 17|22 pages

Method statements

chapter 18|26 pages

Contract planning control on site

chapter 19|6 pages

The role of planning in claims

chapter 20|14 pages

Facade retention and structural alteration

chapter 21|20 pages

Refurbishment of dwellings