The book details sources of thermal energy, methods of capture, and applications. It describes the basics of thermal energy, including measuring thermal energy, laws of thermodynamics that govern its use and transformation, modes of thermal energy, conventional processes, devices and materials, and the methods by which it is transferred. It covers 8 sources of thermal energy: combustion, fusion (solar) fission (nuclear), geothermal, microwave, plasma, waste heat, and thermal energy storage. In each case, the methods of production and capture and its uses are described in detail. It also discusses novel processes and devices used to improve transfer and transformation processes.

chapter 1|66 pages

Basics of Macrothermal Energy

chapter 3|54 pages

Geothermal Heat

chapter 4|62 pages

Fusion/Solar Heat

chapter 5|66 pages

Fission/Nuclear Heat

chapter 6|93 pages

Combustion—Chemical Heat

chapter 7|25 pages

Electrical Heating—Part 1

Joule Heating

chapter 8|25 pages

Electrical Heating—Part 2

Infrared and UV Heating

chapter 9|32 pages

Electrical Heating—Part 3

Induction Heating

chapter 10|41 pages

Electrical Heating—Part 4

Dielectric (Microwave) Heating

chapter 11|22 pages

Electrical Heating—Part 5

Electric Arc Heating

chapter 12|45 pages

Electrical Heating—Part 6

Plasma Heating

chapter 13|40 pages

Electrical Heating—Part 7

Power Beam Heating

chapter 14|89 pages

Waste Heat

chapter 15|88 pages

Thermal Energy Storage