Written for those starting a career in IT or whose career is well advanced, this career guide shows how to blaze a path to success through the jungle of modern IT. With a career spanning five decades, the author shares lessons he learned the hard way so readers do not have to learn them the hard way.

By emphasizing the importance of business processes and applications to IT, this book explains how to understand the value and positioning of hardware and software technology in order to make appropriate decisions. It addresses the importance of IT architecture and the roles service and systems management play. It also explains service level agreements (SLAs) and provides sample SLAs.

Readers learn how to conduct IT assessments using SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis. It also shows how to use root-cause analysis (RCA) to detect the sources of failure and poor performance. An overview of risk management and the steps involved in developing a business continuity plan are also included.

The book looks at all facets of an IT professional’s career. It explains how to build an IT team and examines the roles and responsibilities within the team. It shows how to provide professional customer care to IT clients. Business executives recognize the importance of IT, and this book shows technology professionals how to thrive in the business world. It covers:

  • Making effective presentations
  • Report and proposal writing
  • Negotiating and persuasion skills
  • Running productive meetings
  • Time and stress management

The book also discusses such important career skills as listening, continual and incremental learning, and communicating at all levels.

From its templates and checklists to its comprehensive and holistic view of a successful IT career, this book is an indispensable guide for every professional working in IT today and tomorrow.

chapter 1|32 pages

On Your Marks …

chapter 2|80 pages

Personal Skills and People Watching

chapter 3|16 pages

Technical and Management Skills

chapter 4|28 pages

The IT Universe Today

chapter |2 pages

IT “Standards” Bodies

chapter 5|8 pages

Roles and Responsibilities

chapter 6|14 pages

Fun, Mottoes, and Gaffes

chapter |6 pages

Final Thoughts