Aircraft Performance: An Engineering Approach introduces flight performance analysis techniques that enable readers to determine performance and flight capabilities of aircraft. Flight performance analysis for prop-driven and jet aircraft is explored, supported by examples and illustrations, many in full color. MATLAB programming for performance analysis is included, and coverage of modern aircraft types is emphasized. The text builds a strong foundation for advanced coursework in aircraft design and performance analysis.

chapter 1|31 pages


chapter 2|30 pages

Equations of motion

chapter 3|46 pages

Drag force and drag coefficient

chapter 4|68 pages

Engine performance

chapter 5|75 pages

Straight-level flight

Jet aircraft

chapter 6|51 pages

Straight-level flight

Propeller-driven aircraft

chapter 7|58 pages

Climb and descent

chapter 8|43 pages

Takeoff and landing

chapter 9|84 pages

Turn performance and flight maneuvers