This book aims to provide a broad conceptual and theoretical perspective of apparel manufacturing process starting from raw material selection to packaging and dispatch of goods. Further, engineering practices followed in an apparel industry for production planning and control, line balancing, implementation of industrial engineering concepts in apparel manufacturing, merchandising activities and garment costing have been included, and they will serve as a foundation for future apparel professionals. The book addresses the technical aspects in each section of garment manufacturing process with considered quality aspects. This book also covers the production planning process and production balancing activities.

It addresses the technical aspects in each section of garment manufacturing process and quality aspects to be considered in each process. Garment engineering questions each process/operation of the total work content and can reduce the work content and increase profitability by using innovative methods of construction and technology. This book covers the production planning process, production balancing activities, and application of industrial engineering concepts in garment engineering. Further, the merchandising activities and garment costing procedures will deal with some practical examples. This book is primarily intended for textile technology and fashion technology students in universities and colleges, researchers, industrialists and academicians, as well as professionals in the apparel and textile industry.

chapter 1|30 pages

Introduction to Apparel Industry

chapter 2|36 pages

Pattern Making

chapter 3|32 pages

Fabric Spreading and Cutting

chapter 4|24 pages

Sewing Machine

chapter 5|22 pages

Sewing Thread and Needles

chapter 6|22 pages

Seams and Stitches

chapter 8|34 pages

Fusing, Pressing and Packaging

chapter 9|22 pages

Fullness and Yokes

chapter 10|8 pages


chapter 11|18 pages

Plackets and Pockets

chapter 12|10 pages

Sleeves and Cuffs

chapter 13|20 pages

Apparel Accessories and Supporting Materials

chapter 14|24 pages

Production Planning and Control

chapter 15|22 pages

Fabric Utilisation in Cutting Room

chapter 16|18 pages

Garment Production Systems

chapter 17|26 pages

Flow Process Grid

chapter 18|30 pages

Plant Loading and Capacity Planning

chapter 19|20 pages

Garment Merchandising

chapter 20|16 pages

Garment Costing