Weaving as a subject is an integral part of any textile engineering/technology program, the others being fibre manufacturing, yarn manufacturing and textile chemical processing. This book amalgamates both the compartments (preparatory processes and the loom mechanism) of weaving technology and presents a holistic picture. The machine descriptions are presented from the viewpoint of principles and no attempt has been made to make them exhaustive by incorporating various models or variants. The mathematical relations among various parameters have been derived starting from the first principles and each chapter concludes with solved numerical examples.

chapter 1|36 pages

◾ Introduction to Fabric Manufacturing

chapter 2|72 pages

◾ Winding

chapter 3|18 pages

◾ Warping

chapter 4|46 pages

◾ Warp Sizing

chapter 5|22 pages

◾ Weave Design

chapter 6|64 pages

◾ Shedding

chapter 7|34 pages

◾ Picking in Shuttle Loom

chapter 8|66 pages

◾ Picking in Shuttleless Looms

chapter 9|32 pages

◾ Beat-Up

chapter 10|32 pages

◾ Secondary and Auxiliary Motions