This book addresses the various strategies that are available to police management, such as consolidation, regionalization, and amalgamation of police agencies; new public management (NPM); enhanced performance management; civilianization; and organizational restructuring. It fills the gap in the research as to how police agencies have reacted to the environmental and fiscal changes since the 1980s. The book examines the strategies employed and the effect on police and their delivery of service.

part I|75 pages

The Theory of Police Reform to Achieve Efficient and Effective Service Delivery

part II|66 pages

Strategies Employed to Improve Service Delivery in Australia, Canada, England and Wales, New Zealand, and the United States

part III|79 pages

Case Studies

chapter 11|30 pages

Establishment of Police Scotland

A Reform to Increase Effectiveness

chapter 12|22 pages

Ghosts of Policing Strategies Past

Is the New Zealand Police “Prevention First” Strategy Historic, Contemporary, or of the Future?

chapter 14|3 pages