This is the first book to finally address the umbrella term corporate defense, and to explain how an integrated corporate defense program can help an organization address both value creation and preservation. The book explores the value preservation imperative, which represents an organization’s obligation to implement a comprehensive corporate defense program in order to deliver long-term sustainable value to its stakeholders. For the first time the reader is provided with a complete picture of how corporate defense operates all the way from the boardroom to the front-lines, and vice versa. It provides comprehensive guidance on how to implement a robust corporate defense program by addressing this challenge from strategic, tactical, and operational perspectives. This arrangement provides readers with a holistic view of corporate defense and incorporates the management of the eight critical corporate defense components. It includes how an organization needs to integrate its governance, risk, compliance, intelligence, security, resilience, controls and assurance activities within its corporate defense program.

The book addresses the corporate defense requirement from various perspectives and helps readers to understand the critical interconnections and inter-dependencies which exist at strategic, tactical, and operational levels. It facilitates the reader in comprehending the importance of appropriately prioritizing corporate defense at a strategic level, while also educating the reader in the importance of managing corporate defense at a tactical level, and executing corporate defense activities at an operational level. Finally the book looks at the business case for implementing a robust corporate defense program and the value proposition of introducing a truly world class approach to addressing the value preservation imperative.

Cut and paste this link (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=u5R_eOPNHbI) to learn more about a corporate defense program and how the book will help you implement one in your organization.


part |2 pages

SECTION I A Strategic Perspective

part |2 pages

SECTION II A Tactical Perspective

part |2 pages

SECTION III An Operational Perspective

chapter 13|20 pages

Inside the CDM Framework

chapter 15|16 pages

Delivering the Corporate Defense Program

part |2 pages

SECTION IV An Integrated Perspective

chapter 17|20 pages

The Corporate Defense Value Proposition