Introduction to Analysis is an ideal text for a one semester course on analysis. The book covers standard material on the real numbers, sequences, continuity, differentiation, and series, and includes an introduction to proof. The author has endeavored to write this book entirely from the student’s perspective: there is enough rigor to challenge even the best students in the class, but also enough explanation and detail to meet the needs of a struggling student.

From the Author to the student:

"I vividly recall sitting in an Analysis class and asking myself, ‘What is all of this for?’ or ‘I don’t have any idea what’s going on.’ This book is designed to help the student who finds themselves asking the same sorts of questions, but will also challenge the brightest students."

  • Chapter 1 is a basic introduction to logic and proofs.
  • Informal summaries of the idea of proof provided before each result, and before a solution to a practice problem.
  • Every chapter begins with a short summary, followed by a brief abstract of each section. Each section ends with a concise and referenced summary of the material which is designed to give the student a "big picture" idea of each section.
  • There is a brief and non-technical summary of the goals of a proof or solution for each of the results and practice problems in this book, which are clearly marked as "Idea of proof," or as "Methodology", followed by a clearly marked formal proof or solution.
  • Many references to previous definitions and results.
  • A "Troubleshooting Guide" appears at the end of each chapter that answers common questions.
  • chapter 1|58 pages

    Sets, Functions, and Proofs

    chapter 2|33 pages

    The Real Numbers

    chapter 3|125 pages

    Sequences and Their Limits

    chapter 4|34 pages

    Series of Real Numbers

    chapter 5|56 pages

    Limits and Continuity

    chapter 6|41 pages


    chapter 7|38 pages

    Sequences and Series of Functions