This book sets out to build bridges between the domains of photonic device physics and neural networks, providing a comprehensive overview of the emerging field of "neuromorphic photonics." It includes a thorough discussion of evolution of neuromorphic photonics from the advent of fiber-optic neurons to today’s state-of-the-art integrated laser neurons, which are a current focus of international research. Neuromorphic Photonics explores candidate interconnection architectures and devices for integrated neuromorphic networks, along with key functionality such as learning. It is written at a level accessible to graduate students, while also intending to serve as a comprehensive reference for experts in the field.

chapter 1|24 pages

Neuromorphic Engineering

chapter 3|33 pages

Primer on Photonics

chapter 4|12 pages

Spike Processing with SOA Dynamics

chapter 7|22 pages

Silicon Photonics

chapter 8|19 pages

Reconfigurable Analog Photonic Networks

chapter 9|47 pages

Photonic Weight Banks

chapter 10|28 pages

Processing-Network Node

chapter 11|27 pages

System Architecture

chapter 12|23 pages

Principles of Neural Network Learning

chapter 13|26 pages

Photonic Reservoir Computing

chapter 14|24 pages

Neuromorphic Platforms Comparison