This book unravels the mystery of Big Data computing and its power to transform business operations. The approach it uses will be helpful to any professional who must present a case for realizing Big Data computing solutions or to those who could be involved in a Big Data computing project. It provides a framework that enables business and technical managers to make optimal decisions necessary for the successful migration to Big Data computing environments and applications within their organizations.

part |2 pages

Section I Genesis of Big Data Computing

chapter 2|30 pages

Database Basics

part |2 pages

Section II Road to Big Data Computing

chapter 3|26 pages

Analytics Basics

chapter 4|22 pages

Data Warehousing Basics

chapter 5|22 pages

Data Mining Basics

chapter 6|30 pages

Distributed Systems Basics

chapter 7|24 pages

Service-Oriented Architecture Basics

chapter 8|28 pages

Cloud Computing Basics

part |2 pages

Section III Big Data Computing

chapter 9|20 pages

Introducing Big Data Computing

chapter 10|24 pages

Big Data Technologies

chapter 11|28 pages

Big Data NoSQL Databases

chapter 12|24 pages

Big Data Development with Hadoop

chapter 14|26 pages

Big Data DevOps Management

part |2 pages

Section IV Big Data Computing Applications

chapter 15|24 pages

Web Applications

chapter 16|24 pages

Social Network Applications

chapter 17|22 pages

Mobile Applications

chapter 18|22 pages

Location-Based Systems Applications

chapter 19|24 pages

Context-Aware Applications