Over recent years electronic spectroscopy has developed significantly, with key applications in atmospheric chemistry, astrophysics and astrochemistry. High Resolution Electronic Spectroscopy of Small Molecules explores both theoretical and experimental approaches to understanding the electronic spectra of small molecules, and explains how this information translates to practice.

Professors Geoffrey Duxbury and Alexander Alijah present the links between spectroscopy and photochemistry, and discuss theoretical treatments of the interaction between different electronic states. They provide a thorough discussion of experimental techniques, and explore practical applications.

This book will be an indispensable reference for graduate students and researchers in physics and chemistry working on theoretical and practical aspects of electronic spectra, as well as atmospheric scientists, photochemists, kineticists and professional spectroscopists.

chapter 1|35 pages


chapter 3|20 pages

The Renner-TeIIer Effect

chapter 4|51 pages

First Row Dihydrides

chapter 5|56 pages

Second Row Dihydrides

chapter 6|53 pages

Third Row Dihydrides

chapter 8|24 pages