This book explores various state-of-the-art aspects behind the statistical analysis of neuroimaging data. It examines the development of novel statistical approaches to model brain data. Designed for researchers in statistics, biostatistics, computer science, cognitive science, computer engineering, biomedical engineering, applied mathematics, physics, and radiology, the book can also be used as a textbook for graduate-level courses in statistics and biostatistics or as a self-study reference for Ph.D. students in statistics, biostatistics, psychology, neuroscience, and computer science.

part I|2 pages

I Overview

chapter 1|12 pages

Overview of the Handbook

part III|2 pages


chapter 8|28 pages

Image Reconstruction in Functional MRI

chapter 9|30 pages

Statistical Analysis on Brain Surfaces

chapter 10|46 pages

Neuroimage Preprocessing

chapter 12|20 pages

Functional Neuroimaging Group Studies

chapter 15|20 pages

Multivariate Decompositions in Brain Imaging

chapter 17|26 pages

Network Analysis