Risk, Reliability and Safety contains papers describing innovations in theory and practice contributed to the scientific programme of the European Safety and Reliability conference (ESREL 2016), held at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland (25—29 September 2016). Authors include scientists, academics, practitioners, regulators and other key individuals with expertise and experience relevant to specific areas. Papers include domain specific applications as well as general modelling methods. Papers cover evaluation of contemporary solutions, exploration of future challenges, and exposition of concepts, methods and processes. Topics include human factors, occupational health and safety, dynamic and systems reliability modelling, maintenance optimisation, uncertainty analysis, resilience assessment, risk and crisis management.

chapter 1|56 pages

Accelerated test design and analysis

chapter 3|48 pages

Analysis of natural hazards

chapter 4|156 pages

Bayesian models and statistical methods

chapter 5|138 pages

Crisis and emergency management

chapter 8|36 pages

Foundational issues in risk

chapter 9|148 pages

Human factors and human reliability analysis

chapter 10|164 pages

Maintenance modelling and applications

chapter 14|58 pages

Occupational health and safety

chapter 17|98 pages

Prognostics and diagnostics

chapter 19|192 pages

Resilience modelling and assessment

chapter 20|68 pages

Risk and RAMS analysis applications

chapter 22|72 pages

Structural reliability modelling

chapter 23|258 pages

Systems reliability models and applications

chapter 24|128 pages

Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis

chapter 25|74 pages

Visualisation of risk