The 2015 International Conference on Applied System Innovation (ICASI 2015) was held May 22-27, 2015 in Osaka, Japan and provided a unified communication platform for researchers active in a wide range of research fields. Professionals from industry, academia and government were encouraged to discourse on research and development, professional practice, business and management in the information, innovation, communication and engineering fields.

This conference enabled interdisciplinary collaboration between science and engineering technologists in the academic and industry fields as well as networking internationally. The conference received 1063 submitted papers, whereby 421 papers were selected by the committees to be presented at the ICASI 2015 conference. These papers were divided into 13 Regular Sessions and 13 Invited Sessions, and presented in several parallel sessions. The ICASI 2015 committees selected 226 excellent papers for publication in this proceedings volume, covering topics ranging from information technology, innovation design, communication science and engineering, industrial design, creative design, applied mathematics, computer science, design theory and cultural and creative research to electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical and automation engineering, green technology and architecture engineering and material science, among others.

chapter |16 pages

Advanced Material Science & Engineering

chapter |16 pages

Communication Science & Engineering

chapter |28 pages

Computer Science & Information Technology

chapter |10 pages

Computational Science & Engineering

chapter |24 pages

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

chapter |20 pages

Mechanical & Automation Engineering

chapter |22 pages

Innovation Design & Creative Design

chapter |12 pages

Industrial Design & Design Theory

chapter |16 pages

Cultural & Creative Research

chapter |12 pages

Applied Mathematics

chapter |8 pages

Management Science

chapter |16 pages


chapter |18 pages

Automation and Intelligent Systems

chapter |8 pages

Service Design Essentials and Practices