'This book provides the background and practical guidance for all those of us who face challenges for the way we handle medical records. Written by a lawyer and a clinical informatician it provides the fusion between the legal issues and the practical clinical ones. There are clear explanations of the current legal framework set in the context of real-world applications; the more complex issues that have a significant impact on Policy are also dealt with in depth. The background to 'consent' and the impact that implied and explicit consent can have on the way records are collect and used is particularly well covered. This book has many audiences all of whom will gain from the easily accessible information within it. Caldicott guardians research ethics committee members and all those researchers and clinicians who need to analyse patient information will have a particular need for this handbook. Patients and the public should use it to understand how their healthcare information is protected and used. Its arrival could not have come at a better time' Sir John Pattison Former Director of Research Analysis and Information Department of Health England

chapter 1|4 pages


chapter 2|4 pages

Selection of trainees

chapter 4|4 pages

The introductory course

chapter 5|5 pages

Projects and reading

chapter 6|5 pages

Educational methods

chapter 7|5 pages

Assessment: the half-day release course

chapter 9|5 pages

Multi-disciplinary learning

chapter 10|6 pages

Special courses

chapter 11|3 pages

The trainee residential weekend

chapter 12|3 pages

The leaders’ group

chapter 13|5 pages

Personal milestones of a group leader

chapter 14|4 pages

The professional development of a trainee

chapter 15|3 pages

Lessons we have learnt