'When I want to know the real rock-bottom truth about what happens all the time in this doctoring life what happens to us and to the folks who bring us their hearts and worries to be heard that's when I turn every time to the novelists the playwrights the poets the essayists who have given us the sights and sounds the feel of all that goes on minute by minute. What Tolstoy and Chekhov knew we need to know for ourselves for our own sakes as we live out our medical lives.' William Carlos Williams 'The most fundamental of all consulting skills is genuine curiosity about other people the constant urge to wonder 'Why are they as they are?' We should open our minds to the life of the imagination not just for its entertainment value but for the mindset of curiosity it engenders in us. Such books as John Salinsky describes in this and his previous volume combine powerful opportunities for our own professional growth with pleasure and recreation too.' Roger Neighbour in his Foreword 'This carefully assembled wonderfully telling book is a "companion" for sure a lasting and most helpful one for the medical travelling that awaits us.' Robert Coles in his Foreword

chapter 1|4 pages

Basic Practice Allowance

(SFA paragraphs 12.1–20.4)

chapter 2|2 pages

Temporary Residents

(SFA paragraphs 32.1–9) (FP19, FP1003)

chapter 3|2 pages

Night Visit Fees and Out of Service Hours Services

(SFA paragraph 24.1–7)

chapter 4|2 pages


(SFA paragraphs 29.1–12) (FP1001, FP1002, FP1003)

chapter 5|8 pages

Maternity Medical Services

(SFA paragraphs 31.1–19 and schedule 1,2,3)(FP24)

chapter 6|2 pages


chapter 7|2 pages

Child Health Surveillance

(SFA paragraphs 22.1–6) (FP/CHS)

chapter 8|2 pages

Health Promotion Clinics

(SFA paragraphs 30.1–4) (FP/HPC)

chapter 9|6 pages

Target Payments

(SFA paragraphs 25.1–26.9 and 28.1–13) (FP/TPB, FP/TCC)

chapter 10|2 pages

Vaccinations and Immunizations

(SFA paragraphs 27.1–5 and schedule 1) (FP73)

chapter 11|2 pages

Minor Surgery

(SFA paragraphs 42.1–6 and schedule 1) (FP/MS)

chapter 12|2 pages

Rural Practice Payments

(SFA paragraphs 43.1 -16)

chapter 13|4 pages


(SFA paragraphs 44.1–5) (FP34D)

chapter 14|2 pages

Postgraduate Education Allowance

(SFA paragraphs 37.1–22) (FP/PEA)

chapter 15|6 pages


(SFA paragraphs 38.1–39.3)

chapter 16|10 pages


(SFA paragraphs 51.1–60 and 53.1–13

chapter 17|2 pages

Improvement Grants

(SFA paragraphs 56.1–18 and schedules 1, 2)

chapter 18|4 pages

Employing Staff

(SFA paragraphs 52.1–33) (PS 1, 2, 3, 4)

chapter 19|2 pages

Computer Costs

(SFA paragraphs 58.1–22) (CM 1, 2, 3, 4)

chapter 20|2 pages

Sickness and Maternity Payments

(SFA paragraphs 48.1–32)

chapter 21|12 pages

The Practice Accountant

chapter 22|6 pages

Non-National Health Service Work

chapter 23|2 pages

Petty Cash

chapter 24|6 pages


chapter 25|4 pages

Joining a Practice