Forewords by Mayur Lakhani, Mike Pringle and Philip R Evans Respectively Chairman of Communications and Publishing, Royal College of General Practitioners, London; Head of School and Professor of General Practice, University of Nottingham; Former President of WONCA Region Europe. This groundbreaking book describes a completely new approach to the medical consultation, focusing on four key points: Behaviour, Aims, Room and Dialogue (B.A.R.D.). This practical approach has gained support from the Royal College of General Practitioners and reflects the way real family doctors consult in the real world, to the benefit of both the practitioner and the patient. Practical suggestions are made throughout the guide, with training exercises to aid in application. B.A.R.D in the Practice provides important reading for all general practitioners and general practitioner registrars.

chapter 1|14 pages

An introduction to BARD

chapter 2|22 pages

The role of a family doctor

chapter 3|14 pages

‘B’ is for behaviour

chapter 4|15 pages

‘A’ is for aims

chapter 5|11 pages

‘R’ is for room

chapter 6|13 pages

‘D’ is for dialogue

chapter 7|24 pages

Training for BARD

chapter 8|12 pages

The ethics of BARD