Managing a dental practice has become increasingly complex in recent years, after changes within both the National Health Service and the private sector. Modern dental practice requires that dentists meet demanding business and management challenges as well as employing their clinical expertise. However, most dentists receive little or no formal training in practice management. In this book established management principles are applied specifically to dentistry. It shows how to best serve the interests of patients by effective management of staff, finances, premises and resources. It assumes no prior knowledge, is concise and offers clear, practical advice. It is the definitive guide for dentists, vocational trainees, dental students, practice managers and administrators, and a useful reference for those undertaking the DGDP and MGDS examinations.

part 1|2 pages


chapter 1|13 pages

An introduction to practice management

chapter 2|4 pages

Management systems

chapter 3|3 pages

Practice goals and objectives

chapter 4|10 pages

Stress in the workplace

part 2|2 pages

Management Systems

chapter 5|8 pages

Time management

chapter 6|4 pages

Recall systems

chapter 7|18 pages

Stock control

chapter 8|15 pages

Financial management

chapter 9|21 pages

Computers in general dental practice

part 3|2 pages

Staff Management

chapter 10|3 pages

Human resource management

chapter 11|10 pages

Staff recruitment

chapter 12|5 pages

Staff motivation

chapter 13|7 pages

Staff training

chapter 14|5 pages

Delegation of responsibility

chapter 15|3 pages

Staff appraisal

chapter 16|4 pages

The staff handbook

chapter 17|3 pages

Managing staff absenteeism

chapter 18|12 pages

Professional relationships

part 4|2 pages

Practice Development

chapter 19|6 pages

Practice design

chapter 20|8 pages

Upgrading equipment

chapter 21|19 pages

Marketing the practice

chapter 22|10 pages

Expanding the practice

part 5|2 pages

Patient Management

chapter 23|11 pages

Communication skills

chapter 24|6 pages

Medico-legal aspects of patient management

chapter 25|6 pages

Patient perceptions

chapter 26|6 pages

Clinical audit