Includes colour illustrations This practical reference draws together the combined expertise of a wide range of health professionals in managing this condition. Their work is soundly based on recent research into its pathology manifestations and treatment to develop appropriate management strategies. Part of the value in this book lies in its reference to patient perspectives and how they can contribute to the most effective care.

chapter |18 pages

Diabetes mellitus and the Indo-Asians

chapter |20 pages

Hypertension in Indo-Asians

chapter |16 pages

Cardiovascular disease

chapter |14 pages

Stroke and the Indo-Asians

chapter |8 pages

Psychiatrie problems in Indo-Asians

chapter |10 pages

Death and bereavement among Indo-Asians

chapter |6 pages

Commonly encountered medical problems

chapter |8 pages

The Indian subcontinent

chapter |6 pages

Useful organisations and contacts