Tomorrow's general practitioners will inhabit a world of ever greater sophistication and complexity. New skills will be demanded to manage the changing expectations of patients and governments. In an age of information overload, new patterns of creative, intelligent working will need to develop. This book provides a framework, illustrated by practical examples, for such a career path to develop and be supported. It examines a number of innovative schemes which highlight varied ways forward, both for training and personal enrichment. It addresses not only the need of today's young doctors, but also the question of how to equip all general practitioners for the challenges of the future.

chapter 1|6 pages


chapter 2|6 pages

Events, Dear Boy

chapter 3|12 pages

. . . with a small ‘p’

chapter 4|20 pages

The Road from Nowhere to Nothing

chapter 5|6 pages

The Case of the Blue-Bottomed Sheep

chapter 6|4 pages

Excuse Me, Doctor, I’m Talking to You!

chapter 7|12 pages

‘Values Authentic and Pure?’

chapter 8|12 pages

A Polished Razor Keen

chapter 9|8 pages

When a New Book is Published ...

chapter 10|10 pages

Two Sacred Cows

chapter 11|10 pages

‘Nothing either good or bad . . .’

chapter 12|11 pages

The Little Mushroom and the Blighted Twin