This book helps general practitioners, health visitors and other professionals working in primary care to assess, manage and refer children and adolescents with mental health problems. School medical officers, social workers and educational psychologists, many of whom are in the front line of mental health provision for children and young people, will also find it particularly useful. Each problem is covered in a uniform way, with definitions, assessment outlines, detailed management options and indications for referral. Numerous case examples further illuminate aspects of many conditions. The book supports service provision in the new primary care environment, and forms a comprehensive practical guide to the full range of difficulties and disabilities affecting the mental health of children and young people.

part 1|46 pages


chapter One|12 pages

Assessment in child mental health

chapter Two|20 pages

Referral, consent and confidentiality

chapter Three|12 pages

Cultural and ethnic issues

part 2|108 pages

Problems that may present at any age

chapter Four|8 pages

Temperament and resilience

chapter Five|10 pages

Disorders of language and social development

chapter Six|24 pages

Behaviour problems

chapter Seven|10 pages

Family issues

chapter Eight|10 pages

Separation, divorce and reconstituted families

chapter Nine|4 pages

Chronic paediatric illness

chapter Eleven|14 pages

Child abuse

chapter Twelve|4 pages

Sexualised Behaviour

chapter Fourteen|6 pages

Death, Dying and Bereavement

chapter Fifteen|6 pages

Imaginary Friends, Voices and Psychosis

part 3|50 pages

Problems that May Present in the First Few Years

chapter Sixteen|12 pages

Postnatal Depression

chapter Seventeen|10 pages

Crying and Colic

chapter Eighteen|10 pages

Feeding Problems in Pre-School Children

chapter Nineteen|10 pages

Sleep Problems

chapter Twenty|2 pages


chapter Twenty One|4 pages

Head-Banging and Body-Rocking

part 4|82 pages

Problems that May Present in School-Age Children

chapter Twenty Two|22 pages

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

chapter Twenty Three|8 pages

Specific and Generalised Learning Disability

chapter Twenty Four|6 pages


chapter Twenty Five|8 pages


chapter Twenty Six|6 pages

Faecal soiling/encopresis

chapter Twenty Seven|4 pages

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

chapter Twenty Eight|4 pages

Anxiety, worry, fears and phobias

chapter Twenty Nine|6 pages

School refusal

chapter Thirty|6 pages

Recurrent abdominal pain

chapter Thirty One|4 pages

Physical presentations of emotional distress

chapter Thirty Two|6 pages

Tics and Tourette’s syndrome

part 5|38 pages

Problems that present mainly in adolescence

chapter Thrty Three|8 pages


chapter Thirty Four|8 pages

Overdose and other self-harm

chapter Thirty Five|10 pages

Eating disorders

chapter Thirty Six|6 pages

Chronic fatigue syndrome

chapter Thirty Seven|4 pages

Substance misuse

part 6|36 pages

Detailed treatment options

chapter Thirty Nine|12 pages