This remarkable new guide is the first hybrid text of its kind that adopts the traditional method of medical education and fuses it with an evidence-based approach. It covers, in great detail, all of the common conditions seen in primary and secondary paediatrics. Skilfully designed for easy revision and reference, each chapter is devoted to a symptom, commencing with the objectives and essential relevant background material followed by history and examination. In the management section specific questions are posed and evidence based responses are offered, ensuring both patients and their parents are satisfied. Uniquely, in the majority of cases, evidence from randomized controlled trials is given. To facilitate comprehension, revision and examination preparation, chapter includes a series of multiple choice questions and meticulous answers. It also includes an invaluable clinical slide and X-ray collection outlining key radiological features of many of the clinical conditions described to further aid understanding, recognition and diagnosis. Diagnosing and Treating Common Problems in Paediatrics is a highly comprehensive primer of how to learn and evaluate knowledge and then translate that knowledge into practice. It provides paediatric consultants and students with the confidence, professionalism and unique communication skill required to work effectively with both children and parents, ensuring successful treatment and outcomes.

chapter One|8 pages

Evidence-Based Medicine: The Basics

chapter Two|7 pages


chapter Three|27 pages

First Response

chapter Four|32 pages

The Child with a Fever

chapter Five|19 pages

The Child with Recurrent Infections

chapter Six|20 pages

The Afebrile Infant with Excessive Crying

chapter Seven|19 pages

Common Problems with Infant Feeding

chapter Eight|19 pages

Food Allergy in Children

chapter Nine|23 pages

The Child With Vomiting

chapter Ten|26 pages

The Child With Abdominal Pain

chapter Eleven|19 pages

The Child With Diarrhoea

chapter Twelve|17 pages

Constipation in Children

chapter Thirteen|22 pages

Failure to Thrive (Inclusive of Eating Disorders)

chapter Fourteen|17 pages

Nocturnal Enuresis

chapter Fifteen|17 pages

Daytime Wetting

chapter Sixteen|20 pages

Cough In Children

chapter Seventeen|21 pages

The Child With Wheeze

chapter Eighteen|24 pages

The Child With Suspected Congenital Heart Disease

chapter Nineteen|22 pages

Recurrent Headaches In Children

chapter Twenty|22 pages


chapter Twenty-one|19 pages

Sleep Problems In Children

chapter Twenty-two|29 pages

The Child With Developmental Delay

chapter Twenty-three|16 pages

The Child With Down’s Syndrome

chapter Twenty-four|20 pages

The Child With A Limp

chapter Twenty-five|21 pages

The Pale Child

chapter Twenty-six|14 pages

Short Stature

chapter Twenty-seven|16 pages

The Child With A Pubertal Development Disorder

chapter Twenty-eight|19 pages

The Child With Diabetes Mellitus

chapter Twenty-nine|16 pages

Childhood and Adolescent Obesity

chapter Thirty|22 pages

The Child With an Acute Rash

chapter Thirty-one|26 pages

The Child with a Chronic Rash

chapter Thirty-two|19 pages

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children