The Survival Guide to Organic Chemistry: Bridging the Gap from General Chemistry enables organic chemistry students to bridge the gap between general chemistry and organic chemistry. It makes sense of the myriad of in-depth concepts of organic chemistry, without overwhelming them in the necessary detail often given in a complete organic chemistry text.

Here, the topics covered span the entire standard organic chemistry curriculum. The authors describe subjects which require further explanation, offer alternate viewpoints for understanding and provide hands-on practical problems and solutions to help master the material. This text ultimately allows students to apply key ideas from their general chemistry curriculum to key concepts in organic chemistry.

Key Features:

  • Reviews key general chemistry concepts and techniques, adapted for application to important organic principles
  • Provides practical guidance to help students make the notoriously well-known and arduous transition from general chemistry to organic chemistry
  • Explains organic concepts and reaction mechanisms, generally expanding the focus on how to understand each step from a more intuitive viewpoint
  • Covers concepts that need further explanation as well as those that summarize and emphasize key ideas or skills necessary in this field. An added bonus is help with organizing principles to make sense of a wide range of similar reactions and mechanisms
  • Implements a user-friendly process to achieve the end result of problem solving
  • Covers organic chemistry I and II concepts at the level and depth of a standard ACS organic chemistry curriculum; features practice problems and solutions to help master the material, including an extensive and comprehensive bank of practice exams with solutions
  • chapter 7|10 pages

    Alkane and Cycloalkane Conformations

    chapter 9|38 pages

    Guide to Kinetics and Reaction Mechanisms