Learn network and data security by analyzing the Anthem breach and step-by-step how hackers gain entry, place hidden software, download information, and hide the evidence of their entry. Understand the tools, establishing persistent presence, use of sites as testbeds to determine successful variations of software that elude detection, and reaching out across trusted connections to the entire healthcare system of the nation. Examine the components of technology being diverted, starting with application code and how to protect it with isolation approaches. Dissect forms of infections including viruses, worms, bots, and Trojans; and encryption with RSA algorithm as the working example.

chapter |9 pages

Creating Secure Code

chapter |4 pages

Web Application Security

chapter |3 pages

Denial-of-Service Attacks

chapter |14 pages

Mobile Platform Security

chapter |15 pages

Wireless LAN Security

chapter |4 pages

Cyber Warfare

chapter |1 pages