This book provides a comprehensive introduction to advanced drug delivery and targeting, covering their principles, current applications, and potential future developments. This edition has been updated to reflect significant trends and cutting-edge advances that have occurred since the first edition was published. All the original chapters have been retained, but the material therein has been updated. Eight new chapters have been added that deal with entirely new technologies and approaches.


  • Offers a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental concepts and underlying scientific principles of drug delivery and targeting
  • Presents an in-depth analysis of the opportunities and obstacles afforded by the application of nanotechnologies for drug delivery and targeting
  • Includes a revised and expanded section on the major epithelial routes of drug delivery currently under investigation
  • Describes the most recent, emerging, and innovative technologies of drug delivery
  • Provides real-life examples of the clinical translation of drug delivery technologies through the use of case studies
  • Discusses the pertinent regulatory hurdles and safety issues of drug delivery and targeting systems—crucial considerations in order to achieve licensing approval for these new technologies

part |2 pages

SECTION I Fundamental Issues

chapter 2|22 pages

Principles of Controlled Release

chapter 4|30 pages

Overview of Epithelial Barriers

part |2 pages

SECTION II Parenteral Routes for Drug Delivery and Targeting

part |2 pages

SECTION II: Nonparenteral Routes for Drug Delivery and Targeting

chapter 7|30 pages

Oral Drug Delivery

chapter 8|14 pages

Buccal and Sublingual Drug Delivery

chapter 9|14 pages

Transdermal Drug Delivery

chapter 10|20 pages

Nasal Drug Delivery

chapter 11|30 pages

Pulmonary Drug Delivery

chapter 13|26 pages

Ophthalmic Drug Delivery

part |2 pages

SECTION IV Emerging Technologies

chapter 14|28 pages


chapter 15|14 pages

Drug Delivery to the Central Nervous System

chapter 16|14 pages

Gene Delivery Systems

chapter 17|20 pages

Vaccine Delivery

chapter 18|16 pages

Theranostic Nanoagents