This manual is for busy clinicians and managers. It can help to improve the quality of care by explaining how to apply guidelines in a wide variety of clinical settings. Case studies written by the protagonists themselves describe the experiences of using guidelines in treating a wide range of conditions in primary and secondary care. The final sections collate the lessons learnt from these examples and propose practical solutions that can be applied in everyday clinical care by doctors nurses professionals allied to medicine and healthcare managers.

chapter |16 pages

The MRCPsych Study Programme

chapter |26 pages

MRCPsych Part I: MCQ Written Paper

chapter |4 pages

Group Exercise: Risk Assessment

chapter |8 pages

MRCPsych Part I: OSCE

chapter |12 pages

MRCPsych Part II: Essay

chapter |12 pages

MRCPsych Part II: Critical Review Paper

chapter |12 pages

MRCPsych Part II: Clinical Examinations

chapter |2 pages

Group Exercise: Formulation