What are the dynamics that shape a primary care team? How can difficult issues be tackled when aiming towards the government's strategies? This book shows how good governance and quality management in general practice can be achieved. It addresses difficult issues, such as power, leadership, interpersonal behavior, confrontation, accountability and handling conflict, and looks at the dynamics of both groups and individuals, and investigates ways of dealing with them. It provides practical solutions, questions to help the reader analyze problems and test their performance, case studies and real examples drawn from the authors' many years experience in diagnostic management consultancy. It is essential reading for all members of the new primary care organizations, especially GPs, practice managers and nurses.

chapter |8 pages


part 1|23 pages

Changes to primary healthcare and the role of diagnostic consultancy

chapter 1|12 pages

The past and the present

chapter 2|9 pages

What is diagnostic consultancy?

part 2|91 pages

Underlying issues

chapter 3|22 pages

Common philosophy and values

chapter 4|23 pages

Management awareness

chapter 5|22 pages

Working across boundaries

chapter 6|21 pages

Accountability to self and others

part 3|64 pages

Case studies

chapter 7|15 pages

Case Study A Rhondda Medical Group

chapter 8|14 pages

Case Study B Newtown Health Centre

chapter 9|11 pages

Case Study C Ayrshire Road Health Centre

chapter 10|20 pages

Case Study D Taking time to think

part 4|10 pages

The future

chapter 11|8 pages

Where now?