Being, or wanting to become, a scientist requires academic training in the science subjects. To succeed as a research scientist and educator requires specific as well as general skills. Skills for a Scientific Life provides insight into how to be successful. This career book is intended for potential entrants, early career and mid-career scientists for a wide range of science disciplines.


  • Offers advice on specific skills for research article writing, grant writing, and refereeing as well as teaching undergraduates and supervising postgraduates
  • Provides helpful case studies resulting from the author's teaching and mentoring experience
  • Contributes a special emphasis on skills for realizing wider impacts such as sustainability and gender equality
  • Presents several chapters on leadership skills both in academe and in government service
  • Concludes with an emphasis on the author’s overall underpinning of the topics from the point of view of ethics

section I|7 pages

Introduction: How Do You Know You Are Suited to Be a Scientist

section II|64 pages

Skills for a Better Researcher

chapter 2|3 pages

How to Recognise a Good Idea

chapter 3|3 pages

How to Make Significant Discoveries

chapter 4|3 pages

How to Write a Successful Grant Proposal

chapter 5|4 pages

How to Assess Research Risks

chapter 7|6 pages

How to Publish One’s Results

chapter 8|3 pages

How to Communicate Your Results

chapter 9|3 pages

How to Manage Your Time

chapter 10|4 pages

How to Use a SWOT Analysis to Good Effect

chapter 11|3 pages

How to Use Social Media for Your Work

chapter 13|3 pages

How to Coexist with Competitors

chapter 14|2 pages

How to Deal with Criticism

chapter 15|3 pages

How, and When, to Effect Collaborations

section III|20 pages

Being a Good Science Research Citizen

chapter 17|2 pages

How to Referee Grant Proposals

chapter 18|3 pages

How to Referee Science Articles

chapter 19|3 pages

How to Write a Balanced Book Review

chapter 20|4 pages

How to Be a Science Research Editor

chapter 21|4 pages

How to Chair Meetings

section IV|16 pages

Skills for Being an Educator

chapter 23|5 pages

How to Supervise PhD Postgraduate Students

chapter 24|4 pages

How to Be a Good Mentor

section V|18 pages

Skills for Realizing Wider Impacts

section VII|20 pages

Ethics, Global Development, Policy and the Organisation of Science