Increase the photorealism of your 3d visualizations with enhanced toolsets of V-ray in 3ds Max. Full-color, step-by-step tutorials about techniques involved in creating photorealistic renders for interior/exterior scenes. Each tutorial includes a 3d project scene to guide you through, production and post-production. The production chapter shows how to create shaders, fine-tune textures and set up a day/night lighting rig. You will be rendering high-res images with render elements included for the final stage of post-production. The book also includes tips about, pre-production, camera settings, verified views, material editors, shaders, 3ds max scripts, and much more!

 Key Features

  1. This book deals with real world scenes and delivers up to date design direction.
  2. This book has professional supporting files ready for the reader to open and explore.
  3. This book highlights the processes of making your own content that not only gives images your personal touch, but also through the online content that will be made available for this title.
  4. Includes some coverage of VRay.
  5. Focuses in depth on separate issues surrounding interior, exterior and product design, which vary wildly.

chapter 2|48 pages

Creating Materials and Shaders in V-Ray

chapter 3|41 pages

Cameras and Lighting in V-Ray

chapter 4|31 pages

Rendering in V-Ray

chapter 5|57 pages

Tips and Tricks

chapter 6|3 pages

Interior Daylight Pre-production

chapter 7|42 pages

Interior Daylight Creating Materials

chapter 8|45 pages

Interior Daylight Lighting and Rendering

chapter 9|69 pages

Interior Daylight

chapter 10|2 pages

Interior Night Time Pre-production

chapter 11|16 pages

Interior Night Time in V-Ray

chapter 12|28 pages

Interior Night Time

chapter 13|3 pages

Exterior Daylight Pre-production

chapter 14|20 pages

Exterior Daylight

chapter 15|24 pages

Exterior Daylight

chapter 16|30 pages

Exterior Daylight

chapter 17|2 pages

Exterior Night Time Pre-production

chapter 19|16 pages

Exterior Night Time