On-treatment verification imaging has developed rapidly in recent years and is now at the heart of image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) and all aspects of radiotherapy planning and treatment delivery.

This is the first book dedicated to just this important topic, which is written in an accessible manner for undergraduate and graduate therapeutic radiography (radiation therapist) students and trainee medical physicists and clinicians. The later sections of the book will also help established medical physicists, therapeutic radiographers, and radiation therapists familiarise themselves with developing and cutting-edge techniques in IGRT.


  • Clinically focused and internationally applicable; covering a wide range of topics related to on-treatment verification imaging for the study of IGRT
  • Accompanied by a library of electronic teaching and assessment resources for further learning and understanding
  • Authored by experts in the field with over 18 years’ experience of pioneering the original forms of on-treatment verification imaging in radiotherapy (electronic portal imaging) in clinical practice, as well as substantial experience of teaching the techniques to trainees

part 1I|2 pages

The Basic Foundations in Clinical Practice

part 61II|2 pages

Technology and Techniques in Clinical Practice

part 129III|2 pages

Advanced Issues, Techniques, and Practices